Price List: Cuts of Pork

This price list indicates all cuts and varieties of meat Sunny Cedars offers.

Prices listed are per pound.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Cuts of Pork
Product Price per pound
1 or 1.5-inch center cut pork chops
Great for grilling
Stew pork
Roast cut into bite-sized pieces
Boston butt pork roast
Juicy, tender pork shoulder roast
All lean muscle, yet very tender
St. Louis ribs
Great for smoking or barbecuing
Meaty and tasty rib tips
Nitrite-free bacon
Cured with sea salt and brown sugar
Fresh pork belly
Same cut as bacon, but uncured
Bacon ends
Left over chunks of bacon – great for seasoning!
Smoked Jowls
A little stronger flavor than bacon

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