Who We Are

Sunny Cedars Farm is a small family run farm in Sumter, South Carolina. We raise pastured pigs in the time-honored tradition of humane and natural farming practices. Our mission is to offer our community delectable, premium-quality pork, cultivated with care and integrity. 

Founded in 2000 by Russell Singleton, a descendant of a long line of farmers, our farm is nestled on the historic family homestead. Russell's decision to leave his job in the construction business and return to the land was driven by a deep-seated love for agriculture instilled in him by his grandparents. Since then, he has dedicated himself to raising pigs to produce delicious, ethically raised pork on the same land his forebears once farmed.

At Sunny Cedars Farm, farming is truly a family affair. Russell's son Jeff helps out with day-to-day operations and manages the chicken operation. Meanwhile, Russell's wife, Lesa, lends her support by helping prepare for farmers markets. Their daughter, Lora, provides tech support, website maintenance, and graphic design, ensuring the farm's online presence and branding reflect its values and mission.

Together, the Singleton family embodies the timeless values of hard work, stewardship of the land, and a commitment to caring, conscientious farming practices. 

About Our Farm

At Sunny Cedars Farm, we are committed to to raising happy, healthy pigs in a caring and natural way that prioritizes the well-being of our animals as well as producing a superior quality product. 

Heritage Breeds

We raise old, heritage pig breeds that have fallen out of favor with commercial growers. Each heritage breed brings unique traits to the table, whether it's superior meat quality, excellent foraging abilities, or efficient feed conversion. Breeds included in our herd include Berkshire, Duroc, Tamworth, Yorkshire crosses, and Spotted hogs.

While these breeds may take longer to mature than commercial Yorkshires, we believe their slower growth is worth the wait. Our pigs spend their days rooting in the dirt, grazing on lush pastures, and rolling in the mud. This natural lifestyle results in meat that is incredibly flavorful, thanks to the intramuscular fat, or marbling, characteristic of these heritage breeds.

Pasture & Feed

Our pigs enjoy free access to woods and pasture, where they can indulge in their natural behaviors. In addition to foraging for hickory nuts and acorns, our pigs receive a balanced diet of high-protein hog feed. We take great care in formulating, mixing, and grinding our own feed using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring optimal nutrition for our animals. 

Maintaining the health and welfare of our pigs is paramount. That's why we prioritize a healthy environment and ample space for our animals to roam and grow, resulting in minimal illness and no need for antibiotics.

Humane From Start to Finish

When the time comes for butchering, we ensure our pigs are treated with the utmost respect and care. We partner with Williamsburg Packing Company in Kingstree, SC, a certified humane slaughterhouse. They adhere to strict standards to ensure the welfare of the animals from arrival to processing. Using CO2 gas for humane euthanasia, they ensure a calm, respectful and pain-free end to the animals' lives.

Fresh Eggs

Our chickens are raised from chicks in a spacious chicken house with free access to the outdoors, where they can forage for grass and insects to help them produce large, tasty brown eggs. Our eggs are usually sold within a week of being laid!

Why Buy Sunny Cedars?

When you buy from Sunny Cedars, you'll support small-scale, responsible farming, and enjoy delicious, locally-grown pork from pigs that live like pigs should!