Sunny Cedars Farm offers a mouthwatering selection of pastured pork products. From an array of sausage flavors to savory bacon, tender pork chops, succulent ribs, and more, our farm offers a diverse range of delicious pork to satisfy every palate. 

All in-stock products are conveniently available at our regular farmers markets, providing you with easy access to our farm-fresh offerings. 

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Breakfast Sausage


1 lb pack - $9.95

mild, medium, maple, blueberry maple


1 lb pack - $9.95

mild, medium, hot

all breakfast sausage is sugar free except maple & blueberry maple

Specialty Sausage

Grill Links

1 lb pack - $9.95

(4 links per pack)




Garlic Brats

Ghost Pepper & Cheese

Jalapeno Cheddar

Jalapeno Garlic


Pineapple Pepperjack

Rosemary Garlic*

Spinach & Garlic

Sweet Italian

Sweet Onion & Garlic

Zesty Italian*

* sugar free

Cuts & Other Products

Cuts of Pork

Ground Pork


Nitrite Free Bacon


Bacon Ends


Fresh Pork Belly


Fresh Ham Shanks


Boston Butt Roast


Pork Chops (1" center cut)


Cutlets (thin boneless chops)


St. Louis Ribs (whole/half rack)





Dry Salted Fatback


Coarse Ground Leaf Fat


Bones for Soup/Broth


Hearts, Kidneys, or Livers


Farm Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs are available depending on the season and often sell out fast at farmers markets! We recommend ordering ahead to reserve your eggs!

Farm Fresh Eggs